A quick convenient way to settle or receive overseas payments

If you are buying a property, need to pay school fees or literally need to carry out any transaction above £500 then you can use our service. We will run an identity check (this leaves no record unlike a credit check) using an online provider so if you have recently moved then you may need to provide additional information.

Key features on in trade Currency Exchange account

TickFree to open an account and no obligation to use it.
TickYou can be the broker and choose when to trade and at what price.
Tick1-3 day transfer times or fix today’s exchange rate for up to one year with a 10% deposit.
TickOnline inputting of where you want money to be sent to and when.
Tick£500 minimum trade size.
TickSafe & Secure, our platform links you directly to the interbank market via our selected banking partners. Segregated customer accounts held with the major high street banks.

Who should use this account?

As long as you are comfortable dealing via the online platform you can benefit from substantial cost savings as well as complete transparency in a market that is normally not open to the general public.

This product will be best suited for customers that are used to online banking – you do not have to be an expert on the foreign exchange markets or a trader to use the software, take a look at the demo or request a call if you would prefer to to shown how the system works.

We promise to layout the options available to you clearly and offer adequate support for your transactions through online FAQ’s video presentations and telephone support. We will not sell to you; rather concentrate on providing the most efficient service possible.

No commission and transparent pricing via our online platform. Apply for a free account online via the form below.