Looking to buy currencies online?
Be your own currency dealer with our new online platform!
If you are buying or selling goods or services internationally it is possible to handle both the purchase and transfer of the currencies involved online with In-Trade Currency Exchange.
In-Trade Currency Exchange is both convenient and secure allowing you to trade directly in the ‘real time’ FX market, cutting out the middle man and giving you the transparency and control that many clients have not been able to access before.
This FSA registered product is not suitable for everyone – if you just ‘want to let someone else handle it’ then this is probably not a solution for you. However if you are familiar with activities such as online banking or booking plane tickets online then you should have no problem taking control of the transaction and saving yourself time and money in the process. Payments are sent using the SWIFT system*. Of course help is always on hand for customers if you need to speak with a real person.

Account features

- Deal direct in the live bank market with complete transparency

- Spot (Buy now – pay now) & Forward (Buy now – pay later)

- A simple and secure online system

- All major and minor currencies with payments worldwide

- No cost or obligation to open a trading account

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  In-Trade Currency – An FSA registered organisation

* All major and minor currencies with payments worldwide